Governance – Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BoT) is the governing body of the University, who exercise guardianship over assets and resources, ensuring their effective management, control and use. The body consists of 13 members from academia, community leaders, local and central government members as well as member of the local community. None of them is paid from the University, and there is monthly meeting.

  1. Dr. Saad Ali Shire, PhD – Minister of Finance, Republic of Somaliland
  2. Dr. Jama Musse Jama, PhD – Managing Director, Redsea Cultural Foundation
  3. Maxamed Duur Carraale – Former Minister of Interior, Republic of Somaliland
  4. Cabdishakuur Maxamed Xasan – Mayor, City of Berbera.
  5. Ibraahin Cabdillaahi Cabsiiye – Mayor, Sheekh District
  6. Khadiija Xuseen Xaaji Xasan Axmed – Member of Sheikh Local Council
  7. Abokor Ibraahin Yaasiin Gabayxaddi – Business community in Sahil Region
  8. Mubarik Abidllahi Ibrahim, Director General, Ministry of Planning
  9. Baashe Cabdillaahi Yaasiin, Sheikh Community member
  10. Cabdiwahaab Maxamuud Aw Caqli – Business community in Sahil Region
  11. Cismaan Xaashi Yuusuf – Business community in Sahil Region
  12. Faadumo Axmed Sheekh – Sheikh Community Members
  13. Ibraahin Xuseen Xasan – Business community in Sahil Region

The Board of Trustees has selected a leading subcommittee as follows:

  • Cismaan Xaashi Yuusuf, Chair of the Board
  • Khadiija Xuseen Xaaji Xasan, Deputy Chair of the Board
  • Ibraahin Xuseen Xasan, Secretory of the Board


The University hires staff for the day by day work. At the moment the following paid staff members have been hired

  • Project Manager: Mr. Ahmed Duale